mRNA (messenger RNA) is a groundbreaking technology that holds immense potential in the field of medicine. It serves as a messenger molecule that carries instructions from DNA to produce proteins within our cells.

Unlike traditional drugs that target specific proteins or pathways, mRNA drugs work by delivering synthetic mRNA molecules into cells. Once inside the cell, these mRNA molecules provide instructions for the production of therapeutic proteins. The cell’s protein-making machinery then translates these instructions, leading to the synthesis of the desired protein. This innovative approach holds great promise in the field of medicine, as it allows for the targeted production of specific proteins to address various diseases.

At SirTLab, our dedicated team of scientists and researchers is focused on harnessing the potential of mRNA to develop treatments for age-related conditions. By precisely modulating cellular expression of SIRT6 protein, we aim to develop innovative therapy that target the underlying mechanisms of aging, opening new possibilities for extending healthspan and improving overall well-being


SIRT6.018 Drug is a novel human SIRT6 mRNA encapsulated in lipid nano particles (LNPs) designed to increase protein levels in cells.

The human mRNA Drug Substance

Through extensive research and development efforts, we have fine-tuned our mRNA drug to maximize its therapeutic potential. Our optimization process involves refining the mRNA sequence, modifying the structure, and improving stability to ensure optimal protein expression within target cells. This optimization enables us to achieve higher levels of protein production, increasing the efficacy of our mRNA drug.


The Novel LNPs

LNPs act as protective carriers, shielding the mRNA molecules from degradation and facilitating their efficient delivery to the desired cells. We have developed a novel LNP delivery system tailored for our SIRT6 mRNA drug and needs. Our innovative LNP design enhances stability, cellular uptake, and targeted delivery, allowing for precise and effective delivery of our mRNA drug to the intended tissues and organs.